St. Patrick's Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin boards are such an important component of a classroom’s atmosphere. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with colorful, festive, and creative classroom bulletin boards. Students love to help with decorating, so encourage children to get involved with elements of the display.

Here are a few simple and inexpensive bulletin boards which use recycled materials for backdrops:

1. Little Lucky Leprechauns

Cover a bulletin board with green construction paper. Create and attach a cloud made out of cotton balls and a pot of gold made from poster board. Create a tissue paper rainbow which spans from the pot of gold to the cloud. Next, each child can create, color and decorate a 5-inch X 5-inch leprechaun made from a template and construction paper. Next, paste a picture of the child’s face to their leprechaun and attach the leprechauns to the bulletin board in such a way that they are dancing a jig around the pot of gold.

1492 Photo from

2. St Patrick’s Day Handprint Rainbow

Cover a bulletin board with green fabric. Encourage children to trace their hands on red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple construction paper; the colors of the rainbow. There should be about 10 handprints of each of the colors. Put the child’s name on their handprint and cut them out. Attach the handprints to the bulletin board in a rainbow shape. Then, embellish the board with St. Patrick’s Day-themed items and cutouts, such as a leprechaun, gold coins, clouds, shamrocks and a pot of gold.

1491 Photo from Ms. Rose, toddler teacher at McKinley Early Childhood Center

3.More Precious than Gold

Use neutral colored wrapping paper or black fabric to cover the bulletin board. Create a large pot of gold using a template or using a premade cutout. Give each child a gold circle which represents a coin. Next, encourage each child to draw a portrait of himself on the coin. Attach the pot of gold and add all of the coins to the bulletin board so that it looks like they are inside and around the pot. Add the title “More Precious than Gold” in gold lettering.


4. Go Green for St. Patricks Day

St Patricks Day is the perfect time to teach kids about another way to be green on St Patricks Day. With Earth Day around the corner, kids can grasp a good understanding of what it means to be green so they can fully understand what the meaning of Earth Day is. Put a large earth at top corner of the bulletin board, and give each student a cutout of a shamrock. Have them write one way they can go green and attach all the shamrocks to the bulletin board in the shape of a rainbow stemming from the earth with a pot of gold at the end.



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