St. Patrick's Day Party Decorating Ideas

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a table decoration that will wow your friends and family but won’t break the bank.

2751 St. Patrick's Day Table Decorating Ideas

The key to really saving money is shopping for deals and then knowing how to modify them a bit to make them fit the occasion. In this particular table setting from Catch my Party, a white metal bucket is tipped over and used as a platform -- no need for an inexpensice cake stand! Simple glass jars are jazzed up with festive ribbons and a bright and inexpensive crepe paper wreath makes a big statement.

You don’t need to look for exactly the same type of decorations for your party at your local discount stores, but find something that fits with your color scheme. Then look for ways to modify it to make it a custom decoration.

One way to decorate a table and let no money go to waste is to make sure that your snacks are exciting and look festive. In the past, sugar cookies were one of the few treats you could count on that looked the part. Today, with the internet and helpful websites like Holidays Central it’s easy to find tasty treats that fit your party theme and that reflect the holiday in their appearance.

For this table you’ll see some very simple treats like cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate covered pretzels, rice krispie treats and drinks. The thing to really pay attention to is that each one has been decorated with a free printable tag, colored sprinkles, frosting and plated very nicely. It’s the attention to details and the little extras that really make a holiday table festive and fun.

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